The Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK) or, the "Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords" was founded in Japan shortly after WWII and has existed since then with the approval of the Japanese government. Its purposes include preservation through study and research of Japanese Art Swords and related items, educating students and enthusiasts of Japanese swords and sword fittings, and support of related specialist craftsman in sword restoration and conservation trades.

The Home Office in Tokyo also regularly issues several different levels of authenticating documentation of to appropriately qualified swords and sword fittings.

After many years of hard work by dedicated group of Americans and with the support and assistance of the NBTHK Home Office, an “American Branch” of the NBTHK was formally established in February of 2003. The mission of our American Branch is to provide opportunity for similar study and education in North America. This is achieved through regularly scheduled lectures and displays, as well as English language versions of both the monthly NBTHK Journal, and various other articles and translations to American Branch members.

The American Branch, and the European Branch are cufrrently the only two branches outside of Japan that have been organized under the authority of the NBTHK.

For information about upcoming token kai where the NBTHK will be presenting lectures and displays, please click here.

To read a few sample articles provided by the NBTHK-AB to branch members, click here.

NBTHK American Branch