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New Book Available!

A new book entitled Nihonto Shubi (Japanese swords that are beautiful) is a joint effort of Mr. Tanobe and Takatoshi Kawashima. This is a very large book (15 1/2" x 11"), containing a total of 495 pages, with 479 full page pictures of blades and nakago; and the photography is exceptional. It is being offered at a discounted price to members of the American Branch for 40,000¥ plus shipping costs, i.e., Airmail for one book is 10,000¥ and 18,000¥ for two books, or if shipped by sea, 5,000¥ for one book and 8,000¥ for two. This book can be ordered directly from Mr. Kawashima. His Fax number is 011-813-3563-2553 and his mailing address is Taibundo, Matuzaki building, 4F, 4-3-11 Ginza chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Japan.


SHINSA SCHEDULE -- Effective 2012.

The Official Shinsa Schedule is linked here. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open.

September 2011 -- Paypal Payment Method added

The NBTHK American Branch now offers an automatic payment service for paying annual membership dues from Paypal. This payment option will allow you to use a credit card to pay your annual dues via the internet. Please note that if you use this payment service, you will incur a $10.00 service fee charged by Paypal. Please see our Membership Page.

For more information or simply to see a copy of the official announcement, please click here.


September 2011 -- Important Legal Notice.

The American Branch of the NBTHK has been made aware of the publication via the internet, of a video entitled "Token To Tosogu Sonobi, The Japanese Sword and Its Furnishings, an Introduction".

The dissemination of this video through the internet or by any other means was without the knowledge, approval, consent or authorization of the American Branch of the NBTHK, its directors, officers, agents or representatives, all of whom disclaim any and all responsibility for its publication.


March 2010 - In Memorium - Col Dean Hartley.





The American Branch of saddened to announce the passing of our oldest member Col. Dean Hartley. He was the oldest NBTHK member from outside Japan. Col. Hartley would have been 90 this August. He was borth Taisho 9 August 3. He was a highly decorated Military pilot. His early contacts with Drs. Junji Homma and Sato Kanzan influenced his actions to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Japanese Art & Culture, especially the art of the Japanese Sword. Col. Hartley was well liked in all Japanese Sword groups around the world. He was the Past President of the JSSUS and NTK (Southern California Sword Club). He was the principle speaker for the first major Exhibition of Japanese Arms and Armor presented by the NTK in Los Angeles in 1964. His knowledge and influence will be greatly missed.






January 6, 2010 UPDATE

Dear Members,

As some of you have learned, Mr. Tanobe and Mr. Kobayashi have resigned their position at the NBTHK and are now enjoying full time retirement. Both Mr. Tanobe and Mr. Kobayashi had worked at the NBTHK for forty years, and had actually retired in 2007 which is mandatory policy upon reaching the age of 60. However, they both agreed to work on a part-time basis under an annual contract to assist the NBTHK with the workload of shinsa and research. During their tenure at the NBTHK, they have both made invaluable contributions to the study of Nihonto and Kodogu as experts in their respective fields and the magnitude of these contributions to the international study and appreciation of these art objects cannot be overemphasized. Without the support and assistance of Tanobe-san, it is doubtful that permission would have been granted for the formation of the American Branch.

We offer Mr. Tanobe and Mr. Kobayashi our sincerest gratitude for their monumental commitment to advancing the study of Nihonto and the generous assistance they have granted to guide us through a complex and fascinating art. Additionally, we extend our congratulations on their full-time retirement, which they unselfishly delayed for the benefit of the NBTHK, its members and staff, and the Nihonto community at large.



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